Bring Sally Up

So, sometime early this week, this video started making the rounds:

NorCal CrossFit takes on Rich Froning’s Challenge: back squats to the song Bring Sally Up at 95#/135# for men and women respectively. When the lyrics say “up,” you go up, and when they say “down,” you go down. Tuesday Night is of course Ladies Night at CrossFit Fringe and although our ladies in attendance typically do the programmed WOD for the day, it usually transitions into weird challenges and strange antics at some point. So as Jess was finishing up the WOD with a few of the girls, the remainder + our honorary guy (he cleans the gym on Tuesday) decided to give the challenge a try.

As you can see, it got tough pretty quickly. The strength work for the day prior to this was back and front squats, so they were already pretty tired. The group made it the goal to hopefully be able to cover the whole song by the end of the year and re-shoot.

This is a great way to shake up your workouts and can be done with a variety of different movements: push-ups, pull-ups, wall balls — oh my!

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