CrossFitter of the Month: Brandon Woods

Brandon Woods - CrossFit Fringe

Brandon Woods - CrossFit Fringe

Brandon is one of our most diligent and consistent athletes. He frequents Open Gym to work on certain skills, and he asks questions and takes direction very positively, always watching and listening to coaches. He’s made incredible gains, and continues to work hard toward every goal he sets. We are so honored he chose Fringe as his gym, and this month, we’re awarding him CrossFitter of the Month!

How long have you been attending CrossFit Fringe, and what brought you here?

I have been attending CrossFIt Fringe for 6 months now. I knew Ben Frissell and he had been trying to get me to come in and try it for years. I finally decided to give it a try!

Since starting at CrossFit Fringe, what has changed about your lifestyle or outlook on life?

Since starting CrossFit Fringe I have felt more positive and more enthusiastic about working out. I had gotten very bored with the conventional gym and needed a change. CrossFit Fringe is a very positive atmosphere which I really like.

Brandon Woods - CrossFit Fringe

What is your favorite movement/skill?

I really like muscle ups and handstand pushups.

What has been the most challenging part of your journey with CrossFit?

Snatches and Cleans… Ugh

Brandon Woods - CrossFit Fringe

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit/CrossFit Fringe?

Everyone at Crossfit Fringe is so friendly and fun to be around and I really enjoy doing the WOD’s with everyone.The coaches are absolutely awesome at motivating and teaching proper form and just all around show they care and always willing to give advice and answer questions.

What do you like to do outside the gym?

I enjoy mountain biking, running, just all around staying very active. Anything outside when the weather is nice. Being with friends and family is very important to me. I stick to a pretty clean and strict diet most of the time, but still enjoy having some drinks out with friends from time to time.