MidMO Muscle Mechanic Challenge

Support #OutlierBusiness - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

Support #OutlierBusiness - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

The MidMO Muscle Mechanic Challenge: April 13th – May 11th!

Nate Sloan, The “Muscle Mechanic” has given us a slew of 1-hour massages to give away to the community and we decided it’d be fun to have some challenges as part of the give away. As a community, we love to spread the word about our athletes and the help they can offer to all of our athletes.


To participate: Watch Facebook for the challenges to pop up at random times.  They will require you to take a photo or video and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (or all!) doing a specific movement. You have to use the hashtags: #MidMOMuscleMechanic, #CrossFitFringe, and #OutlierStrong. Let’s support Nate Sloan and all #OutlierBusiness!