May Special! One-on-One CrossFit On-Ramp

CrossFit Fringe On-Ramp Columbia MO

CrossFit Fringe On-Ramp May Special

This May, we are offering a special opportunity to complete our CrossFit On-Ramp program in a one-on-one with one of our coaches for just $150!

At CrossFit Fringe, we consider ourselves Outliers in our methodology and approach to fitness. From expert coaching on the skill evolution of complex movements to seminars in nutrition and competition programming, we focus on being extraordinarily effective in diverse, ever-evolving methodology to help our clients realize their potential not only in fitness, but life.

In just 6 sessions, you can complete our accelerated On-Ramp Program and join regular classes with our members to start your CrossFit journey in time for summer.

Our One-on-One On Ramp Program not only offers you personalized instruction that moves at the right pace for you, but we will schedule it to fit around your lifestyle.