Squat Day! And Death-By…..

Main – CrossFit

Just Hanging Around (No Measure)

Following General Warm-Up

-Accumulate 3 Minutes of engaged “Hanging” from the Pull-Up bar. You may vary your grip.

-Each drop, perform 10 Hollow Rocks, 10 Supermans, and 10 Scapular Retraction Push-Ups, then return to the bar.

To scale, hang from the rings with feet lightly on the floor.

Front Squat (5@65%, 5@75%, 5+@85%, 5+@65%)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Doubled Up Death-By-Burpee’s

-Starting at 0:00, perform 2 burpee’s. Every Minute on the Minute thereafter, add 2 repetitions (1 min= 4 burpee’s, 2 minutes= 6 burpee’s). Continue until the Rx’d amount of Burpee’s cannot be achieved within the minute. Score is Completed minute + Reps completed in the failed round.