Why Goal-setting Sessions are Important

Goal Setting Sessions at CrossFit Fringe

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Have you ever woken up and thought “Am I just spinning my wheels”?

You’ve been in your routine every day and not seeing the changes you’ve hoped for. We all do it. We get busy, we get into a routine, and we forget the big picture. Those big goals we’ve set have been cast aside for the thing that is most important at the moment.

But those goals we want to accomplish are always there, along with our desire to be the best versions of ourselves, and improve wherever we can. This is why consistent goal-setting sessions are so important on our lifelong journey to good health.

Our efforts to continually improve your experience and reach new heights as a member will never stop. With that being said, we’re excited to now offer our first round of Goal-Setting Sessions.

Goal Setting Sessions at CrossFit Fringe

What is it?

Goal-Setting Sessions are a time for reflection, evaluation, and planning. Within these short sessions, one of your coaches will sit down to talk with you about where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go. Goal-Setting Sessions are a chance to create a plan that ensures you hit your goals.

Who are they for?

Everyone! We receive feedback every day in order to perform better professionally and in our studies. This is no different. We believe each and every one of you should receive one-on-one feedback and counsel in regard to your direction and your goals.

What to expect?

During a Goal-Setting Session, you meet with one of our coaches to discuss what success looks like to you. We will evaluate where you are now and formulate a plan comprised of realistic action steps that both measures and tracks your progress and helps you overcome challenges. These action steps are critical to ensuring you are successful in accomplishing your goals.

The big picture

Goal-Setting Sessions are truly about speaking your plan into existence and charting a roadmap to success, whatever that looks like for you! Ideally, we want to meet with you quarterly to make sure we are moving closer toward your goals, and if we achieve them, setting the next goal behind it so you never lose momentum.

Goal-Setting Sessions shouldn’t be an optional part of our journey toward our healthiest and fittest selves, they are a necessary re-evaluation of the actions and habits that keep us on the right track. Jump back into prioritizing your journey and schedule your Goal-Setting session with a coach today!

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